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How to Root Micromax A52

How to Root Micromax A52 | How To Update Micromax A52


Hi ! Guys here is the Guide to Root Micromax A52. If you Search In Google You Will Get  Lots of results For Rooting Micromax A52 Superfone Aisha.
But Here I have presented to you the Best guide to root it, with simple Step by Step Method.
So With any delaying any more, Lets Get to Work!!

Requirement To Root A52 

1. A52 Root Package
PassWord : andropark

2. Sp-FlashTool
(This Version Only)

3. Drivers

4. Unlock Root
PassWord : andropark

Process For Rooting

To Root your a52, first thing you have to do is to Flash an unsecured Boot.img.
Then only you can root it...
So If you have Downloaded all the above requirement , then lets begin.........

Steps To Flash Unsecured Boot.img

 1. Download the driver from above link...

2. Install it
3. Now Download the sp-flash-tool from above.

4. Extract it,Open it by clicking on the Flash_Tool.exe

5. Now on the top,click on Option-choose

 click to view it large

6. Now again goto option->click on DA download All->Disable DA download All.

click to view it large
7. Now Download the A52-Root-Package.rar From above.

8. Extract it,You will get two file- 1>Rootedboot.img...2>MT6573_Android_scatter

9.Now from sp-flash-tool--Click on file->open scatter file->choose the above extracted MT6573_Android_scatter File
10. Now You Will c something like this.. below  pic

Click to view it large

11.  After that, select the BOOTIMG from the loaded scatter file, & browse to that above extracted RootedBoot.img
[Follow the Above pic ]

12.  Turn off your phone by removing the battery, then wait for 10sec,reinsert the battery, but don't turn on the phone.  

13.  press F9 or click on the Download button to start download and when the countdown starts, connect the USB data cable into your phone(phone should be switched off).

14. The Flashing of the choosen Rootedboot.img will start.
 After the yellow progress bar will show complete, a popup with a green circle should appear.

13. You have succesfully flashed Boot.img (1st step completed)

So Till Now What you ahve done , is Flashing an Unsecured Boot.img
Which Is an Important Step For Rooting...

If you have Completed upto this, Then you should Know that you have completed 70 % of work

Now Going To Root The Device

Now Rooting your device

1. Reboot Your Mobile,by taking out and reinserting the battery.

2. When the phone boots up go to Settings->Applications->Development and tick mark "Enable Debugging".

3. Now attach your phone using the data cable.

4. Download the Unlock-Root From above,Install it,open it.

  5. Click the big  green root button.

6. It will ask for installing drivers, click "yes"...
it's now installing the ADB drivers.

  7. Finally it will root your phone and will ask you for rebooting the phone, click yes. 

8. Now give sometime to reboot your cell.
 Finally after booting, check the app drawer for an application "Superuser".. 

If the superuser is there in ur app drwaer,this mean ur cell is now Rooted  .

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